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Love to Help Others is a safe place you can come to talk about what's really bothering you.

.As an intuitive, empathetic spiritual healer,

I offer comfort to clear your thoughts.

Are you worried or feel sad about your finances, relationship, career or business?

Do you wish you had someone to talk to in confidence, for clarity or understanding?


Michele Anne Lopaschuk is a Life Coach that can help improve how you feel, assist you to develop skills and knowledge to enhance professional and personal growth and work out the best way to manage daily stressors. 

Her sessions are one-on-one and customized to your individual needs.


#1 International Best Selling Book

15 women take you on their journeys of self-discovery as they unveil their emotional and inspirational life stories.


They share their deepest thoughts, fears and experiences as they learn about themselves through overcoming the obstacles and tests life has thrown at them.


Their voices shine a light on your path and help guide you. Know that you are not alone. Their courage and strength are gifts to us all.

If you feel like you need to let go of something that is in your heart and mind and it isn't easy to reach out to someone, that's where we can serve.


With stress, anxiety and depression on the rise from negative news cycles and crushing workload as well as familial obligations, it's no wonder burnout is causing so much in lost wages, billions of dollars year after year.  The truth is, we all have to look after our mental health.  Mental Health is never about anyone else but the person who suffers from it.


Having me as a life coach means I am here to listen, share my most difficult experiences with you and what I learned from them, as well as to  relate and serve as your mirror for what to do next. Helping you, helps me.  

I want you to know that there are practical tools available to help you become more happy and fulfilled, so that you can live your very best life.


Schedule an appointment and let us work together for a better peace of mind.


Mindset Coaching | Reiki | Energy Healing | Wellness 

are you feeling?

  • Anxious

  • Depressed

  • Angry

  • Moody

  • Withdrawn

  • Isolated

  • Hopeless

NEED self improvement?

  • Improve how you feel which leads to better decision making.

  • Encouraged, not judged, for performance at your highest level.    

  • Assistance to develop skills and knowledge to enhance professional and personal growth.

  • One on one sessions, with my full attention, dedicated to working on the best way to manage daily stressors.

Need mindset coaching?

  • Create a plan to achieve what you desire most

  • Develop Self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Experience emotional and mental healing

  • Forgive others and release old feelings

  • Improve relationships with loved ones and co-workers

  • Create and maintain healthy boundaries

want an improved life?

Assistance is available!


"Change Your Mindset Empowerment Session" is what you need.

Reiki, Energy Healing, EFT and Other Techniques will help energize and guide you.

Get in Touch: 647-551-5240

Let's Talk

Tel: 647-551-5240

Helping you take the journey

to a better place.

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